How to transfer your domain.

  1. It is very easy to "Transfer your domains" from your Control Panel. If you would like to "Transfer your domain" then follow the steps as per below:

  2. From the Navigation Bar select "Services - Domains".

  3. Now you would be able to see the "Domains" tab and all of your domains in the Control Panel.

  4. Click on "Bulk Domain Transfer" from top left side in the green font.

  5. Now enter a list of domains to transfer, one per line, followed by colon ":" and authcode.

  6. You can follow this page for how get an Auth Info / EPP Key ( Once you have added domain name and authcode in the box then click on "Submit".

    Domain Transfers can take up to 5 days from most registrars, but it may vary depending on your domain registrar.


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