How to Change/Update Your Nameservers

You can easily manage your domains within your Control Panel. If you would like to change the Nameservers for a domain you have with us, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using the Navigation Bar select "Services - Domains".
  2. Here you will now see the "Domains" tab and all of your domains in the Control Panel.
  3. Here you will see various information about your domain. Select the domain you would like to update/add Nameservers for under the "Domain" option by clicking on it. 
  4. Under the "Nameservers" heading click on "Nameservers" at the bottom.
  5. Add your Nameservers and click on "Save Changes". In the below example, we have added our 2 nameservers.

Note: If you use the above nameservers provided in the image, you can use the DNS in the Control Panel.

Unfortunately there is no fixed timescale as to when the changeover will happen once you have added the Nameservers. However, this website "" checks and displays the authoritative nameservers for a domain. When the top section displays the your nameservers as listed above the domain has completed the transfer.

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