Payment methods

We have 3 different payments methods that you can use to pay any current/due Invoices.

To pay an invoice with any of the available methods, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login onto your Dashboard.

Go to "Account" and "Billing". It will default to the "Invoices" tab where you will see all of your Invoices and their statuses e.g. "Paid" or "UnPaid". Click on any invoice number under the "Invoice#" tab and it will open the invoice for you. 

On the top-right you will see a "Pay Now!" button. Clicking on it will open a pop-up Box with the different payment methods. The following are the payment methods you can use with us:

  1. Credit and Debit Card
  2. BankTransfer
  3. PayPal 
Choose whichever you would like and click on "Pay Now" or follow the instructions provided on the screen for the appropriate payment method.

If you would like to know more about your Invoices, please visit our Invoices page.


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