Data Protection Policy

Managed data protection solutions from iomart help you utilise backup and recovery in the event of a data breach or other unprecedented disaster quickly and easily, and safeguard your organisation’s critical information and systems to maintain data integrity around the clock.

With data used increasingly to derive business insights and improve services, organisations need to prioritise data protection to meet changing regulations, customer demands and compliance requirements. For many businesses, managed services mitigate the stress of handling time-consuming data protection solutions so that your IT team can focus on other areas.

For organisations that handle a breadth of sensitive data - such as those in financial services or government - effective data protection is paramount for GDPR compliance. That’s why our expert engineers help design, deploy and configure the solution to check it meets your business requirements, remains cost-effective and is highly resilient.

This management includes scheduled testing to ensure the solution is effective and that data is correct, archiving services to aid with restoration, and supporting retention models that are built on best-of-breed technologies.

Our 24/7 managed service covers every aspect of data protection - from cloud backup solutions to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - to maintain your business’ critical systems and information at all times.

While Disaster Recovery is primarily for protecting a set of critical systems in a localised setting, our Business Continuity solutions identify key data, systems and processes that are crucial to your business operations and ensure you can get them up and running quickly. This can be crucial in protecting you against ransomware attacks.

Protect your data and operations from a variety of scenarios - such as a cyber attack or unforeseen natural disaster - with a backup and Disaster Recovery strategy that works no matter how complex your environment, how long you need to retain information for, or how often your datasets change.



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