Do you backup my data?

In short, we provide the facility to take backups free of charge, but we do not manage this facility for you. 

When you purchase a Flexible Resource pool you will be allocated a standard 50GB of snapshot storage. You can set up your servers to automatically take snapshots on a schedule, or you can manually take/restore them.

A few important points 

  1. A snapshot is not the same as a total backup - snapshots are a capture of delta data (difference between original template and a VMs current state), and should the whole VM be lost, there's no guarantee of being able to recover from a snapshot.
  2. Snapshots are not validated or guaranteed - the process is automatic, and with thousands taken daily it is not possible to validate them - in short, always have a backup!
  3. Snapshots can also be used to create your own templates to deploy from at a later date.

Snapshots are a great tool that allows a level of resiliency to data loss and an easy way to scale horizontally by deploying per-configured VMs, but are in no way a substitute for an actual backup plan.

We recommend a 3-step plan for backups

  1. Make use of OnApp's automated snapshots
  2. Make use of Continual Data Protection (CDP) solutions like R1Soft or Open-source alternatives like Bacula 
  3. Have a local backup, even if taken less frequently

Note: The backups are stored in the same Data Centre as the Hosts and don't offer Geographical Redundancy. 

If you'd like to discuss a backup solution, we're always happy to help, just get in touch


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