Upgrade Your Enterprise Cloud Pool

So, the time has come to expand a little! You've used all the resources available in your existing Enterprise Cloud Pool and need to increase capacity to make room for new VM's or increase the capacity of existing ones, here's how you do it;

  1. Log into your account and using the Navigation Bar select "Services - Enterprise Cloud".
  2. Select the Enterprise Cloud pool you intend to upgrade from the "Product/Service" tab.
  3. From the left-menu click on "Resources" tab.
  4. Here you will see a summary of your current allocation and usage, in the bottom-right click on "Upgrade/Downgrade".
  5. Move the sliders to your desired specification for CPU, RAM, Storage or IP Addresses and click "Continue".

Here you will be given a summary of the payment required to upgrade the resources until the end of your billing period and the new recurring price once upgraded, now proceed with the payment. You will receive a confirmation (As per example below) that the upgrade/downgrade is processing and within a few seconds the new resources should be available for use.

Order Confirmation

Confirm this by clicking the "Resources" tab, the capacity and usage should have updated.

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